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Road works


Information about current and planned roadworks in Swansea. These include work by the council and utility companies.

Our PDF Document Swansea Roadwatch (PDF, 53kb)Opens new window report gives information on the current roadworks in Swansea.

Email bulletin

We also provide a free email bulletinOpens new window of the latest roadwatch report. You will need to give your name and email address to register. You can stop receiving the email alerts by selecting 'unsubscribe' from any emails you receive.


Our Swansea HighwaysOpens new window twitter account also gives out the latest roadwatch news.

Map of roadworks and traffic flow

Our map displays road works and can also display traffic flow and public transport stops. You can also sign up for email bulletins to hear about forthcoming roadworks. The map will also display information for other local authorities to help you plan longer journeys. 

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