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Learning at Oystermouth Castle

School and group visit information.

This magnificent Norman Castle provides a package of curriculum opportunities, suitable for foundation phase upwards.

Topics include:

  • Norman Castles: form and function, siege and defence
  • Life in Medieval Wales
  • The Lords of Gower and the Welsh Princes
  • The Natural Environment - using the parkland and surrounding woodlands for orienteering sessions, investigation and enquiry


A visit to Oystermouth Castle will include:

  • A free pre-visit on request for teachers to view the facilities, discuss and plan your visit, that will be tailored to your requirements
  • Access to printed resources / worksheets for use on site and for follow up work with a selection of curriculum appropriate workshops
  • A personalised guided tour (45 minutes)


School trips to the Castle will usually consist of a half-day session (up to 2 hours) depending on your needs.

Bookings are welcome during term time on Tuesdays and Thursdays and should be made at least 7-10 working days prior to your visit.

We can currently accommodate up to a maximum of 35 pupils per session, plus teachers and parent helpers.

There are also opportunities to make this a full day experience by combining the visit with a trip to Swansea Museum in the morning, followed by an afternoon at the Castle. There are many photographs, objects and artefacts to familiarise yourselves with in the exhibitions and stores at the Museum, before putting these in context during your afternoon at the Castle.

We currently make a charge of £3.50 per pupil, to include all resources and activities during the visit.

For further details and to make a booking for your school, please contact:

Erika Kluge, Oystermouth Castle Community Officer
01792 635075 | 07557 481467


Group bookings

We also accept group bookings and coach parties by the following arrangements:

  • Groups unannounced (up to 15 people) - charged individually at normal entry prices.
    Tours are offered for an extra charge at Friends discretion
  • Groups (over 15 people) - please contact the Castle Community Officer on 07557 481467 to book separately in advance (£2.50 per head without Tour or £3.50 with Tour)

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