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Local development plan (LDP)

The Unitary Development Plan (UDP) is to be replaced within the next few years by a new form of Development Plan for Swansea known as the Local Development Plan (LDP). This page contains links to the key stages of the LDP process and provides an update on latest news.

Latest update

Following an extensive public consultation exercise on the Swansea Deposit LDP in 2016, the next stage of the process requires the council as the planning authority to carry out a comprehensive review of the representations received and consider the requirement for any refinements to be made to the plan, as well as consider the background evidence upon which it is formulated.

This work is ongoing and focussed around a number of key areas raised during the consultation process, including:

  • LDP overall strategy and scale of future growth
  • Proposed strategic development areas and housing sites
  • Alternative sites proposed by objectors
  • Financial viability, deliverability and phasing
  • Affordable housing
  • Infrastructure and transportation
  • Gypsy and Traveller requirements

The views of the public and interested stakeholders are critical in the formation of the LDP. Following the feedback received during the consultation, the authority is currently gathering further evidence to 'sense check' the LDP proposals.

It is important that the LDP is sound at the time of submission and to ensure that the policies and proposals set out in the LDP are based on the most up to date and comprehensive of evidence bases. This ongoing work to review the evidence base includes assessing the viability of proposed sites using a consistent methodology and reviewing the Plan's growth projections, having regard to any changes to underlying data or material changes in circumstances such as the potential impacts of the 'City Deal'.

Following the outcome of this review, and confirmation of any changes required, the council will, at a later date, consider whether the LDP should be submitted to the planning inspectorate for the 'examination' stage of the process.

Subject to any future approval by Council to submit the LDP to the Planning Inspectorate and Welsh Government, further details will then be provided to all interested parties such as when the examination will be held, who is the independent planning inspector appointed to adjudicate the process and what should objectors do to ensure their views are heard. It is currently anticipated that the examination hearings will take place towards the later part of 2017.

The Deposit Local Development Plan (LDP)

Consultation on the City and County of Swansea Deposit LDP closed on 31 August 2016.

Local development plan process

What is the LDP all about?

LDP supporting evidence and background papers

Background assessments, topic papers and other supporting evidence underpins the preparation of the LDP.

LDP preferred strategy

The preferred strategy is the first formal strategy document in the preparation of the Swansea LDP.

LDP vision, objectives and strategic options

This preliminary stage of the process sets the overarching aims of the LDP and puts forward various options for meeting future growth requirements over the Plan period.

LDP candidate site process

Sites submitted from developers, landowners and the public for potential inclusion within the Plan.

LDP Superceded draft proposals map - consultation (4/12/14 - 16/01/15)

The LDP draft proposals map defines the precise boundaries of proposed development allocations, including key strategic sites identified in the LDP Preferred Strategy, as well as proposed changes to settlement boundaries.

LDP delivery agreement

The delivery agreement is the first stage of the LDP preparation process and sets out how the process is to be managed, a timetable for delivery and the Council's policies for involving the community.

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