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Local development plan (LDP)

The Unitary Development Plan (UDP) is to be replaced within the next few years by a new form of Development Plan for Swansea known as the Local Development Plan (LDP). This page contains links to the key stages of the LDP process and provides an update on latest news.

Local development plan process

What is the LDP all about?

LDP delivery agreement

The delivery agreement is the first stage of the LDP preparation process and sets out how the process is to be managed, a timetable for delivery and the Council's policies for involving the community.

LDP background information

A record of references used, reports written and publicity undertaken throughout the LDP preparation process.

LDP candidate site process

Sites submitted from developers, landowners and the public for potential inclusion within the Plan.

LDP vision, objectives and strategic options

This preliminary stage of the process sets the overarching aims of the LDP and puts forward various options for meeting future growth requirements over the Plan period.

LDP preferred strategy

The preferred strategy is the first formal strategy document in the preparation of the Swansea LDP.

LDP draft proposals map

The LDP draft proposals map defines the precise boundaries of proposed development allocations, including key strategic sites identified in the LDP Preferred Strategy, as well as proposed changes to settlement boundaries.

LDP proposed allocations

Find out more about the proposed allocations and what happens next.

LDP strategic site concept plans

The LDP draft Proposals Map identifies a number of Strategic Sites. Draft Concept Plans have been produced for some sites, highlighting the mix of uses, facilities and infrastructure being promoted. These have been produced by the Site promoters working in partnership with the Council.

LDP sustainability appraisal/strategic environmental assessment

This assessment involves consideration of the social, economic and the environmental impact of the emerging LDP.

LDP habitat regulations assessment

The Council may consider whether the LDP is likely to have a significant effect on a European site directly or indirectly either alone, or in combination with other plans and projects. This process is known as Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA). European sites are Special Areas of Conservation (SACs), Marine SACs, Special Protection Areas (SPAs) and Ramsar sites.

LDP health impact assessment

The LDP HIA will be an overarching high level assessment that will look into the impacts both positive and negative that will result from the implementation of the LDP.

LDP strategic flood consequence assessment

Strategic Flood Consequences Assessments are overarching technical studies that are used to inform the selection of sites.

LDP strategic housing market assessments

This page provides details of a number of assessments and appraisals relating to the issue of housing provision.

Swansea strategic transport model and assessment project

The Council commissioned consultants Arup in 2014 to develop a strategic transport model for the County and to subsequently undertake an assessment using the model of the transport impact of LDP proposals.

LDP ward profiles

A profile of every Ward within the City and County of Swansea has been produced as part of the evidence base for the LDP.

LDP supporting evidence and background papers

Background assessments, topic papers and other supporting evidence underpins the preparation of the LDP.

LDP issues papers

The SA/SEA Scoping Report identified a number of issues that needed to be taken into consideration during the preparation of the LDP. These issues were summarised in a series of issues papers.

Swansea retail assessments

The Council has commissioned consultants to undertake a number of independent reviews of its retail strategy and to provide recommendations for policy.

LDP open space assessment

The Planning Policy Team have recently undertaken an up to date assessment of open space provision across the County.

Constraints map

This Map includes details of issues and constraints against which all Candidate Sites will be assessed by the Council.

Fabian Way Innovation Corridor masterplan framework consultation

The Consultation on the Fabian Way Innovation Corridor Masterplan has now closed.

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