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Single Status

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Latest Single Status update for staff

Staff will be aware that Single Status was implemented on April 1st. This represents a significant milestone for this Council and the majority of our staff are now employed under one common set of terms and conditions.

A new employee handbook is available online at www.swansea.gov.uk/singlestaus/employeehandbook and a summary of the new terms can be found here http://www.swansea.gov.uk/media/pdf/m/q/Terms_and_Conditions_of_Employment_2014_v1.pdf

The April pay run will be the first to incorporate the new salaries, terms and conditions and staff should receive letters over the coming week to inform them of their actual spinal column point and any pay protection that may apply. Formal Contracts of Employment will follow in due course.

Following pay day there may be a high volume of queries for us to deal with, so we do ask that if your query is not urgent that you refrain from contacting Employee Services immediately.

Contact Numbers for Employee Services are:

01792 636540 – Sian Williams Employee Services & Payroll Manager

01792 636101 – HR Support

01792 636437 – Central Education & 01792 636425 – Education

01792 637111 & 636127 – All Other

Back Pay

Employees who have gained under Single Status may be entitled to back pay (subject to them signing a 'Compromise Agreement') but due to the volume and complexity of these calculations it will be a number of months before back pay is calculated and paid.

Back Pay will not apply to the Living Wage pay increase nor will it apply to any gains resulting from changes to terms and conditions which are only effective from 1st April 2014.

The Single Status Appeals Process is also available online and staff wishing to appeal their job allocation can do so by completing and submitting an Appeal form before June 30th.

It is important that all Appeals are validated and signed by an appropriate manager as any unsigned forms will be returned.

Previous update on Single Status advice for staff

Single Status is being implemented on April 1 and there are a number of important changes that will affect staff.

Those staff who have signed-up to Single Status will transfer to their new terms and conditions automatically from April 1. But any employee who has not yet accepted and wishes to avoid dismissal and re-engagement can still do so by contacting the pay and grading office immediately.

Following implementation, any employee who has served their notice of dismissal will be given a final opportunity to accept re-engagement under the new terms when they arrive at work on April 1. If any employee who has not already signed-up then opts not to sign on April 1 they will have chosen not to continue working for the council and will unfortunately have to return home.The following are some of the key changes as a result of Single Status:


· Under the new policy no employee will be allowed to be in "debit" (e.g. minus hours) unless there are exceptional circumstances – eg, where it could be considered to be a' reasonable adjustment' in cases of disabilities etc. A transitional period will be place in from 1st April 2014 and all employees who currently have a negative flexi balance must have made up their hours to, at least, 0 by 10th May 2014.

Please click on the following link to view the new Flexi Time Scheme Policy via the Employee Handbook.   This will also go live on April 1 - http://www.swansea.gov.uk/flexi

Pay and grading

· More than 80% of staff will not lose pay.

· Those staff losing pay will receive pay protection for up to two years and will move to the top of their new pay grade to help cushion the loss. Where a rate is changing (eg, overtime) then only the new rate will be paid.

· The exact spinal point that staff move to will only be known after implementation and this will be shared with staff as soon as possible.

Overtime and enhanced payments

· The same rules and entitlements for overtime and enhanced payments now apply across the Council. Stand-by and call-out arrangements will be standardised across the Council and participation will be contractual.

· There will be no bonuses paid.

· Pay protection will not apply to contractual overtime or weekend working.

· Pay protection will apply to payments such as basic pay, bonus pay, dirt pay, shift allowances or shift payments.

· Overtime payments, unsocial hours, night rates, stand-by call-out rates and Saturday working will be paid at time and a third.

· Sunday and Bank Holidays (except Christmas Day and New Year's Day) will be paid at time and a half.

· Living Wage enhancements will only apply to normal working hours (up to 37 hrs) and will not be applied to premium payments (such as overtime, weekend working).


· A single mileage rate at the HMRC rate (currently 45p per mile) will be paid for all 'in county' travelling. The 'out of county' mileage rates will remain unchanged.

Time off in lieu

· Employees over SCP35 may be entitled to TOIL for hours worked outside of the flexi timescale which will be accrued at single time where authorised by the relevant Head of Service.

· TOIL will need to be taken within one month of being accrued.

Useful information for staff:

The new 'Employee Handbook' can be found at http://www.swansea.gov.uk/employeehandbook . This is available for staff to view and will go live on 1st April 2014.

The Appeals procedure and Appeals application form are available on the right of this page. The Appeal form can be partially completed online (if you wish) but will still need to be printed and signed before it is submitted to the Pay and Grading team.

The deadline for submitting an appeal is June 30th 2014.

The Single Status Staff Information Booklet available on-line refers to a number of employee support services including the Helping Hands service (see Appendix C of the booklet) which employees may find useful.

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