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Running outside in winter time

image depicting outdoor running

Some hints and tips for staying safe

Fewer daylight hours and colder temperatures may put some people off running outside, but you don't have to let your routine go into hibernation. Running in cold weather gets your heart pumping, can shake off those winter blues and gets you into better shape for when the nicer weather comes along. You also burn calories quicker as your body is fighting to keep warm.

Here are our top tips for running in the cold winter months:

  • Dress appropriately – dress in layers.
    Start with a thin layer of synthetic material such as polypropylene. Stay away from cotton as it holds moisture in, instead use nylon or Gore-Tex which will help protect you against wind and rain, whilst still allowing out heat and moisture to prevent overheating and chilling. Add a middle layer like a polar fleece for added insulation if it's really cold.

    Remember... it's never too cold or too wet if your wearing the right clothes.
  • Visibility
    Possibly the most important aspect of running in winter. Make sure that motorists can see you by wearing a fluorescent jacket or bib.

    FREE visible running bibs are being given out to Active Swansea runners this winter thanks to Swansea's Road Safety Team. Ask at reception for further details.
  • Look after your shoes
    After running in rain (or snow!) clean them with a cloth and remove the insoles if you can. Stuff your shoes with newspaper to absorb the moisture, and put them somewhere nice and warm in time for your next run.
  • Watch those ankles
    The risk of twisting an ankle increases in wet and icy conditions. Some ankle sprains may take 3 months to heal, so avoid running in the dark where you can't see loose paving stones or uneven ground.

Active Swansea Running Clubs

If you haven't got a running partner, or would like some extra motivation when you run, why not join one of our running clubs?

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