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Your easy guide to Swansea's Local Development Plan

THE Local Development Plan (LDP) will be the planning blueprint for Swansea after 2015. Find out more by having a look at our Q&A

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What is the LDP and what is it for?

The Local Development Plan (LDP) will provide a long-term vision for land use planning in Swansea from 2015 onwards.

When will it be completed?

It will take approximately four years for the LDP to be completed

Who's in charge of the LDP?

Swansea Council's Planning Policy Team is responsible for developing the LDP. on behalf of the Council as local planning authority. Once completed, it will be sent to the Planning Inspectorate who will decide if it is suitable. Once adopted it becomes Council policy in accordance with which all future decision making on planning matters should be made

What stage is it at now?

There are 8 stages to the preparation of the LDP and the Council is just at stage 2 which includes the compilation of a candidate site list. This is a fact-finding exercise to look at what land is available in Swansea.

How many candidate sites have been submitted?

558 sites have been put forward as candidate sites. 80% of these have been put forward by the public.

Will all the candidate sites be included in the LDP?

All the sites will be assessed in the same way having regard to factors such as environmental constraints, flood risk, suitability of accessibility, etc. It is unlikely that all of them will be suitable suggestions and not all of them will be included in the plan

Have I missed my chance to have my say?

Opportunity for the public to comment on the candidate sites closes at the end of September. There will be further public consultation on those sites that make it through to the Deposit plan (stage 4) at a later date.

Are the candidate sites going forward as planning applications?

These are not planning applications. Candidate sites are just suggestions of how sites could be used.

Who decides what goes into the LDP?

Once the Council has decided on a preferred development strategy for Swansea, it will select sites that have made it through the assessment process and accord with the preferred strategy. This will lead to a Deposit plan being produced on which everyone will be given another opportunity to have their say.

What involvement do Councillors have?

Councillors don't have a formal role at this stage. They will get to vote on the plan as it is prepared including the final Deposit plan which will then go to the Welsh Government for approval. After that it will come back to the Council for adoption.

How can I keep an eye on what's happening in my area?

Contact the Council directly or visit the Council's special LDP web pages

Where do I go if I want more information?

www.swansea.gov.uk/ldp or telephone 01792 635600

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