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Candidate Sites - Ward Maps

Maps illustrating the location of candidate site submissions within each ward are available to download on this page.

Click on the map image to open a large version. To print a copy it is advised to save the map image as a .jpeg file first due to large file sizes of the maps.

BishopstonImage depicting Bishopston
BonymaenImage depicting Bonymaen
CastleImage depicting Castle
ClydachImage depicting Clydach
CockettImage depicting Cockett
CwmbwrlaImage depicting Cwmbwrla
DunvantImage depicting Dunvant
FairwoodImage depicting Fairwood
GorseinonImage depicting Gorseinon
GowerImage depicting Gower
GowertonImage depicting Gowerton
Killay NorthImage depicting Killay North
Killay SouthImage depicting Killay South
KingsbridgeImage depicting Kingsbridge
LandoreImage depicting Landore
LlangyfelachImage depicting Llangyfelach
LlansamletImage depicting Llansamlet
Lower LoughorImage depicting Lower Loughour
MawrImage depicting Mawr
MayalsImage depicting Mayals
MorristonImage depicting Morriston
MynyddbachImage depicting Mynyddbach
NewtonImage depicting Newton
OystermouthImage depicting Oystermouth
PenclawddImage depicting Penclawdd
PenderryImage depicting Penderry
PenllergaerImage depicting Penllergaer
PennardImage depicting Pennard
PenyrheolImage depicting Penyheol
PontardulaisImage depicting Pontarddulais
St ThomasImage depicting St Thomas
SkettyImage depicting Sketty
TownhillImage depicting Townhill
UplandsImage depicting Uplands
Upper LoughorImage depicting Upper Loughor
West CrossImage depicting West Cross

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