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New city centre crossing ready for Easter

PEDESTRIANS now have better links between the Wind Street area and the Maritime Quarter.

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Work on a new street-level crossing over Victoria Road by Salubrious Place is now complete in time for Easter weekend.

The temporary puffin crossing is one of a series of projects paving the way for the boulevard scheme between the river bridges and the LC.

Puffin crossings are like pelican crossings but they have detectors that can tell when people are waiting to cross. The detectors watch the crossing and control the light signals to ensure pedestrians and cyclists can cross in safety.

Motorists will also benefit from the scheme because the lights will change back quickly once people have finished crossing and traffic isn't stopped if someone presses the button and doesn't cross.

The crossing has been put in place in advance of the Victoria Road underpass being filled in the summer.

A permanent pedestrian crossing is also being introduced from Oystermouth Road over to West Way to replace a temporary crossing that's been in place since late last year when work to improve bus links with the new Swansea City Bus Station were completed.

These further works will improve the look of the junction and highlight the pedestrian crossing area by using high-quality paving on each side of the carriageway. Coloured surfacing on the carriageway will mark out the pedestrian route.

The work will include newly-planted trees and is expected to be complete by the end of June.

Phil Holmes, Swansea Council's Head of Economic Regeneration and Planning, said: "One of the aims of the boulevard scheme is to generate better links between the city centre and the waterfront and this new crossing meets that objective.

"It's hoped high-quality crossings of this kind will mean more people will make the trip back and forth from the city centre shops to SA1 and the seafront and this would mean good news for traders both sides of Victoria Road."

The boulevard scheme is aimed at generating better links between the waterfront and the city centre while maintaining traffic flow along the main road. It will also see wider pavements introduced as well as tree-lined central reservation and better cycling links.

Traffic light sequencing is being improved and the number of places where motorists can turn on and off the main road is being reduced.

Funding for the boulevard scheme is provided by European Convergence and the Welsh Assembly Government and forms part of the larger Waterfront City Convergence funded project.

The money is ring-fenced and can only be spent on this project.

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