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Consumer Advice

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Basic consumer advice and information is available on these pages. Information includes advice on buying cars, computers, holiday advice, and advice for the home.

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For more detailed advice you can contact the national Citizens Advice Consumer helpline on 08454 040506.  The Citizens Advice Consumer helpline provides a telephone and online advice service through the Citizen Advice Bureau website. It gives consumers access to advice and information, help in identifying and reporting scams and empowering consumers to resolve individual problems.  Citizens Advice Consumer helpline works in partnership with Local Authority Trading Standards Advice Services and provides "first step" advice and information on a full range of consumer problems.

Should the advice provided by them fail to resolve your complaint, you may be referred by that service to your local Trading Standards Department.

A Consumer Advice Service (CAS) still operates as an integral part of the Trading Standards Division and due to the support of Citizens Advice Consumer helpline we are now able to focus our resources into providing second tier advice, project work and a proactive stance to tackle far reaching issues affecting consumers as a whole.

We still welcome local businesses to contact us for advice on their legal obligations.

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In this day and age, it seems that the majority of people have computers at home. Computers are heavily relied upon in the workplace and children are encouraged and taught to use a PC from an early age.
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Advice on buying a car, buying the correct car seat and fitting a car seat.
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The TSI provides up to the minute advice on a number of topics. By using their special service we are able to provide the most up to date information on a wide variety of consumer issues. Simply select the area of advice you want and you will be provided with a large range of guidance.
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Do you need a supplement? Are you on a diet?
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Are you planning a holiday abroad? These pages include tips to help your holiday goes well, and advice if problems occur. There is also important information on passports, visas and new requirements if you are planning to travel to the USA.
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From fire safety to choosing a reliable handyman; consumer awareness in the home is important.
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A scam is a scheme designed to con you out of your cash. There's a scam out there for everyone. If you let down your guard and think that you won't be fooled, then you too could become a victim.
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Not everyone wants his or her name and details to be included in mailing lists or to receive unsolicited phone calls, emails and text message.
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Advertisements for mobility goods. e.g. lifter chairs, stair lifts and mobility scooters, must display the price inclusive of VAT where VAT is chargeable.
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Advice on how to make an important purchase and what to do if you have problems when shopping.
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Credit is any sort of arrangement by which you obtain money, goods or services which you agree to repay at a later date.

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