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Access to Services

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We work to remove barriers and improve how people access the services they need in the areas of Equality and Consultation.

We are responsible for developing, reviewing, evaluating, monitoring and advising on corporate policies and strategies for Equality issues (including Age, Disability, Gender, Race, Religion/Belief, Sexual Orientation and Welsh Language) and for Consultation.

This area of work includes: 

  • Equality and Diversity Scheme and Guidance
  • Monitoring and evaluating how departments are implementing equality impact assessments
  • Welsh Language Scheme and guidelines
  • Strategy development work 50+ Network
  • Consultation Strategy, Database and guidelines
  • Managing Swansea Voices the council's citizen's panel
  • Advising service areas on consultation/participation.

If you have any queries please contact any one of us using the details below:

Access to Services
Room 2.4.1
Civic Centre
Oystermouth Road
Swansea    SA1 3SN


Mr Euros Owen
01792 636907 or euros.owen@swansea.gov.uk

Policy Development Officers

Mrs Sherill Hopkins    
01792 636736 or sherill.hopkins@swansea.gov.uk

Mr Phil Couch
01792 636703 or phil.couch@swansea.gov.uk

Miss Kirsty Roderick
01792 636736 or kirsty.roderick@swansea.gov.uk

Mrs Catherine Window
01792 636736 or catherine.window@swansea.gov.uk

Welsh Language

01792 636703 or cymraeg@swansea.gov.uk

Consultation Co-ordinator


Mrs Rhian Millar
01792 636732 or rhian.millar@swansea.gov.uk

Older Peoples Strategy 
50plus@swansea.gov.uk  or dros50@abertawe.gov.uk

Development Officer Network 50+ 

Mrs Ann Williams
01792 636703 or ann.williams2@swansea.gov.uk

Compact with the Third Sector 

Voluntary Sector Relationship Coordinator

Mr Spencer Martin
01792 636734 or spencer.martin@swansea.gov.uk

The City and County of Swansea is committed to finding out the opinions of residents, other stakeholders within Swansea and the Councils many employees.
The Council recognises that people's differences can mean that some individuals face discrimination in everyday life. The Council is committed to treating people fairly and according to their needs in all its services.
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Swansea has a thriving third sector and the City & County of Swansea works with voluntary organisations through an agreed COMPACT arrangement.

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