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Residential education visits for schools

The Outdoor Environmental and Residential Education Service (OERES) provides residential education and activities for children and young people at the three Gower Activity Centres.

Swansea school children rafting

Its key aims are to:

  • Assist schools to improve the educational attainment of children and young people. 
  • Provide new and adventurous experiences. 
  • Re-enforce learning by experiencing it in a stimulating and challenging environment. 
  • Enable children and young people to participate in activities which promote health, fitness and self-discipline.

These aims are achieved by:

  • Introducing children and young people to outdoor activities through challenging learning situations. 
  • Encouraging social awareness and skills, and group participation through the residential experience. 
  • Introducing children and young people to the countryside as an environment for learning and enjoyment. 
  • Providing qualified and experienced teachers and instructors to deliver activities curriculum supporting programmes for KS1 to KS4. 
  • Subsidising visits by Swansea children and young people to enable all to participate. 
  • Accrediting activities and social education through the Children's University.



Curriculum packages are also available including:

  • PE Curriculum - KS3 and KS4
  • GCSE Orienteering/Trekking - Outdoor and Adventurous Activities (Ed excel)
  • GCSE Hill Walking - Adventurous Activities (WJEC)
  • GCSE Surfing - (WJEC)
  • GCSE Rock Climbing - (Ed excel and WJEC)
  • Geography curriculum - KS3 and KS4 field studies
  • GCSE Geography - Coastal Studies
  • KS1 - KS2 - Outdoor Adventure and Environment 

Price guide for school residential visits

Prices are per pupil for Monday to Friday package or for a split week during school terms.


Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions for Swansea school bookings.

Woodland adventure

Booking forms for school residential visits

Please contact us to confirm availability and costs before completing these forms.

Safety helmets

Daily routine for schools visiting our centres

A brief example of a typical day.

Muddy walks

Suggested kit list

This is a suggested kit list for children and young people groups for 5 days.

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