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Swansea pupils improving reading and numeracy skills faster than their peers

Swansea school-children are improving in their skills in reading and numeracy faster than anywhere else in Wales, a new Welsh Government report says.

Hands up for who is in school

New Wales National Test results published by the Welsh Government show that since 2013, progress in reading and numeracy was faster in Swansea than any other local authority area in Wales.

The news comes on the back of the latest exam season in which Swansea students out-performed their peers in Wales in A-Level results as well as GCSEs.

Jen Raynor, Cabinet Member for Education, said: "The people of Swansea told us they wanted to see investment in their children's futures. We have made Education a top priority.

"The Council has transformed its approach to ensuring all schools, all teachers and all pupils keep improving. Top performing schools and teachers share best practice with other teachers across the Authority.

"We work with the Welsh Government and in partnership with schools in the south west region of Wales to develop expertise  to support improvement. We have also encouraged the use of specialist teachers, known as challenge advisors, who work closely with schools to raise pupil attainment."

She added: "The progress we are making in all Wales tests and exam results is testimony to the Council's commitment to supporting education and the determination of our schools to provide the best for our children."

The National Reading and Numeracy tests were carried out in all schools for pupils in year groups two to nine across Wales earlier this year. Results for more than 20,000 pupils in schools in Swansea were significantly above the Welsh average and were in the top quarter compared with the other 21 local authority areas.


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