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Almost 200 potholes fixed in first week of 48-hour pledge

POTHOLE repair teams in Swansea have been literally going the extra mile to fill in potholes within 48 hours of being reported.


In the first full week of the pledge 194 potholes were fixed within 48 hours in communities right across the city.

And to make sure traffic stays on the move, the teams have been working late into the summer evenings to get the jobs done.

David Hopkins, Cabinet Member for Environment and Transportation, said: "We're really pleased residents are taking us up on our pothole pledge and reporting them when they see them.

"And I'm even more delighted that people are also praising the teams for their effort and initiative."

Swansea Council launched its pothole pledge on August 8 as a response to residents who said something needed to be done about the pothole problem. And since then the specially set up Pothole Repair Teams have been responding to reports.

The teams have visited practically every community in Swansea including Cockett, Llansamlet, Mumbles, Townhill, Bonymaen, Clydach, Penyrheol, Newton, Winchwen, Landore, Manselton, Oxwich and Morriston.

One resident tweeted that they'd seen the team working late into a Friday night to get a job done near their home.

Cllr Hopkins said: "There's always going to be fairly unusual occasions when our team can't find a reported pothole or we mis-identify locations. But the spirit of the commitment is there and the teams really are pulling out all the stops.

"As members of the team, the pothole repairers take great pride and are determined to deliver on the pledge as often as they can.

"On one occasion a member of the public complained that we'd not filled in the pothole he'd reported. Our problem was that we couldn't find it, so we spoke to him to be clear about where the problem was.

"Now the issue is resolved thanks to the commitment of the team and the willingness of the member of the public to work with us. It's a conversation we want to continue with our communities in Swansea as well."

It is easy to report a pothole. Go to and please be as specific as you can about its location. The web pages also include information about potholes and road maintenance in Swansea generally.

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