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Celebrating improved attendance

Attendance at Swansea schools has improved his year, according to the latest figures from schools.

Clwyd Primary Attendance Success

Attendance across all secondary schools in the city reached 94.32%  this school year compared to 93.95% on the previous year. It's the best figure for secondary school attendance in Swansea since data collection began.

Data is still being finalised from primary schools but figures received so far suggest it's heading close to 95%.

It's the result of a partnership of pupils, parents, schools and the local authority to promote and enable good attendance.

In the latest initiative the local authority has joined forces with schools and local businesses to provide award schemes recognising pupils with outstanding attendance and those dramatically improving their attendance too.

Cllr Jen Raynor, Swansea Council Cabinet member for Education, said: "We celebrate good attendance because every lesson a child attends increases their chances of achieving their full potential and having successful careers.

"Well done to all pupils with full attendance and pupils and families who worked hard this year to improve attendance too. I hope you will all be on board to beat that with even better results in the new school year."

 At Clwyd Community Primary School 13 pupils were honoured for their attendance this term.

Headteacher Stephen Brown said: "Attendance is high on the agenda at Clwyd because it gives children the best opportunity to achieve their best in their school lives and beyond.

"13 pupils have been awarded certificates this term for consistent outstanding levels of attendance, improvement in school attendance, and also for a good attitude to attendance by taking steps such as booking appointments where possible after school rather than during school time in order to maintain outstanding attendance.

"We will continue to work with parents and the Council's Education Welfare Officers to keep improving attendance."


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