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Plans to cut energy costs discussed in Swansea

A long term plan to reduce Swansea's carbon footprint and help to alleviate any future impact of climate change is set to be approved.

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The Corporate Energy Strategy aims to reduce energy consumption and improve energy efficiency in Council owned buildings including its own housing stock.

The Welsh Government has set a target of an 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 for all Welsh Local Authorities.

As a Council, we are obligated to meet this target and our Strategy sets out a programme of measures to help us achieve this.

Innovative water heating systems in local schools and public buildings in parts of the city could be rolled out into other locations including future new school builds. New school developments such as Morriston Comprehensive have already benefited from innovative heating systems that make the most of the energy produced.

The updated plan also includes proposals to roll out Smart Meters in all Council homes by 2020 - the smart meters provide real-time information about energy consumption and costs and could help Council House Tenants to save money on their energy bills by providing them with the real-time information they need to cut their energy bills. 

Further proposals include a feasibility study of land-based assets to see if they are suitable for wind, solar or hydro potential.

An ongoing project is also underway to replace all of the city's streetlights with energy saving LED lamps, we have already replaced over 23,000 lighting columns across Swansea.

Andrea Lewis, Cabinet Member for Next Generation Services, said: "It is essential we have a plan that focuses on the short, medium and long term actions we need to take in order to meet the future energy demands of our City, with a strong focus on green and renewable forms of energy.

"Dealing with the immediate and unprecedented budget cuts to local authorities also means we need to take a hard look at the financial impact of our energy use within the Council.

"We have introduced a number of innovative schemes to become more energy efficient across many of our own buildings including local schools and the Guildhall.

 "The Strategy focuses on actions to help us meet the Welsh Government targets whilst at the same time benefiting from a reduction in our own energy costs. One of our top priorities is tackling fuel poverty to help all residents be able to afford to heat their homes during the colder months."

The Corporate Energy Strategy will be discussed at Cabinet on July 21.

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