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Local development plan process

What is the LDP all about?

Swansea is evolving and so is the planning process

The planning system which influences the development of Swansea has changed. The LDP provides a new approach to promoting and controlling change across the City & County. It will place an emphasis on improved community involvement; a stronger evidence base; more focused content and improved quality and consistency.

How should Swansea develop in the future?

Are there areas that you would like to see developed and regenerated? Are there places, buildings or features that you would like to see preserved and enhanced? If these are the kind of questions that interest you, then the LDP preparation process provides you with the opportunity to get involved and for your ideas to be considered and tested.

How is the LDP relevant to me?

Everyone who lives, works, visits or provides services within Swansea will be influenced by the LDP and should therefore get involved throughout its preparation. That means the Council needs your input as you know your communities better than anyone. You have a wealth of knowledge, which we would like you to share with us. By getting involved in the LDP process you could help shape the future development of Swansea.

There are seven key stages to the LDP process, the first of which began in 2009. Details of each stage are set out below. 

LDP Stages

The LDP will progress in accordance with the following key stages:

Key StageSummaryKey Documents
Stage 1 - Delivery Agreement

A document comprising the Council's Timetable for the preparation of the LDP together with its Community Involvement Scheme with the Welsh Government for agreement.  

First published 2009? And updated in 2013

Stage 2 - Pre-Deposit Plan Preparation and Involvement*
  • Submission of Candidate Sites for assessment
  • Development of a Vision, Objectives and Strategic Options for the LDP
  • Identification of Preferred Strategy
  • Collection of Background Evidence 
Stage 3 - Pre-Deposit Plan Preparation and Public ConsultationStatutory consultation on Stage 2 matters 
Stage 4 - Deposit Plan

A Draft version of the LDP published for consultation

Stage 5 - Independent Examination

Independent Examination to test the 'soundness' of the Deposit LDP

Stage 6 - Inspector's Report

Report outlining findings and recommendations from the Independent Examination

Stage 7 - Adoption

Adoption and publication of the final version of the LDP incorporating the Inspectors recommendation  



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