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Efforts stepped up to tackle beach dog fouling in Swansea

DOG owners in Swansea are being advised to stick to dog-friendly beaches and leave only footprints in the sand and not dog mess.

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Swansea Council and its external litter enforcement team have started regular patrols of the beaches now the weather is improving in a bid to ensure they are free of dog mess.

A by-law came into force in Swansea at the beginning of May restricting dog owners to certain beaches in Swansea and Gower. As part of the campaign, enforcement officers have been out and about handing out leaflets which highlight dog-friendly beaches and provide advice about how to look after your dog while visiting the beaches and the promenade.

Mark Thomas, Cabinet Member for Environment & Transportation, said: "We want everyone who lives in or visits Swansea to enjoy our wonderful beaches. Some families are not keen on having dogs near them at the beach and that is why we have created dog friendly beaches so that the public can decide what suits them.

"Our litter enforcement teams are also patrolling the beaches regularly to make sure dog owners are cleaning up after their pets.

"There is no excuse for pet owners who allow their animals to foul in public places. If you are out walking your dog, whether it is in a park or on the beach, please take a bag with you and dispose of it properly.

"If you are caught by one of our litter enforcement officers you will get a fine."

It's not just beaches where the Council is looking to tackle dog fouling. Enforcement officers and other groups got together in Townhill recently to carry out a series of patrols.

Cllr Thomas added: "Our officers and PCSOs talked to dog owners in the community about how they can help keep their community clean and tidy and free from dog fouling."

The Council has installed more than 500 dog fouling bins in the city. Dog fouling bags have also been handed out to pet owners recently as part of the campaign to keep dog mess off the streets.

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